Friday, September 13, 2013

New Jewelry Designs

Howdy, TGIF !!
So happy and ready for the weekend
We've been busy hitting the beach after school a couple times this week
trying to squeeze the heck out of whats left of summer around here
oh and battling tree frogs that we keep finding in the kids bathroom, 
eek not sure how they are coming in. We've found one dead one and one live one that jumped on me when I moved the kids bath
So we looked it up online and apparently people have trouble with them coming up the drains and in the toilets...What the heck??

Anyways ...
Wanted to show off some new jewelry designs hitting my shop this week

First up is this vintage piece from an estate sale
 I repurposed making it a little longer and adding new and improved closures
It reminds me of something from the 1920's 
Love the color, I like to call it Pink Ice and the bead work & design is great
It's up for grabs for $18 
Would make a great piece for summer or winter
pair it with a summer dress, or cardy and some leggings

Next up is this Dreaming of the Sea Necklace
Antique Bronze stamped tag and chain
and a piece of shell found locally here in NC
Love the simplicity of this piece
Up for grabs for $15 
**Available in 16 or 18 in lengths**

And last but not least this cute little guy 
Antique Bronze owl with Vintage Foil Bead
Up for grabs for $16 
** available in 16 - 18 in lengths**

Hey Xmas is right around the corner... ugh 
Don't forget to stop in the shop this weekend to see these guys and maybe a few other vintage items...
Thanks... have a great weekend

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