Monday, November 23, 2009

Blackwater Shoot

I got to take part in the Camera Club's Blackwater shoot on Saturday. I was so excited to network with other members of the group. They shared advice and camera recommendations. The weather was chilly 40 degrees. I was bundled up like a snowman everyone else had on sweatshirts. We kind of split into two groups. I went along with Fran our Vice Pres. Her husband is an avid bird watcher and pointed birds out and their names. Pretty interesting. My favorite part of the shoot was a cool tree (above). I could have shot the tree all day. I also liked the fish net poles in the water. And the Bald Eagles. However mine lens was nothing compared to others whom had lenses as big around as my head. They got awesome shots. I couldn't get close enough. Oh well. Maybe one day. I did get to peek into their view finders and check out other people shots. After my trip to Blackwater I met a co-worker at Sailwinds and had a session w/her and her daughter.
It was way to windy but we made do. Sailwinds is an awesome location. Has a nice little beach and rocks. Stay tuned for those pictures... I'm tired off to bed.

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