Monday, November 2, 2009

To Gnome me is to love me...

Cutest Gnome ever!!
Gnome buddy

Our lil pumpkin

Maddie had a ball this Halloween! I was tickled with her Gnome costume., I ordered it off of Ebay but later discovered Walmart had the same costume.. Oh well! Next year I am hoping to make her a costume. We stopped by my co workers house, whom is a huge Gnome collector!! However she had most of hers put away for fall. However we did get one picture of Maddie & a Gnome that lines her sidewalk. Her neighbors and 6 or 7 huge blow up Halloween things in their yard and Maddie spendt most of her time over there pointing to them all. After an hour or so of pointing we attempted to leave. Whew that ended up being a battle. She kicked and screamed. Then on to my parents house where she got all sorts of treats!!

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