Monday, January 28, 2013

Caught Ya

Happy Monday to ya!!
Recovering from a nice weekend visit from my parents
Catching up on laundry and vacuuming the fun stuff right

Lots of organizing and redoing on my list this week
Plus my birthday eek...
Let's not even go there I am totally over the counting part

Couple things I wanted to share today
Random stuff
First I want to thank some of readers for visiting my Shop Sew Vintage
and for their kind words & purchases 
I really appreciate all of it., I am passionate about growing shop
and love finding goodies to share

The other thing I want to share
is this lady's blog Kasey Buick
whew.. I found her on instagram
and stalked her blog I am so glad I did
thou, it was just what I needed
I know I sometimes paint a rosie picture of our lives on here
we are truly having a tough time making ends meet
with one small salary but we are fighting to make it work
cutting corners where they need to be cut and seeking help on the other side
to help provide for our kids. I know alot of people are in the same boat
with the economy and yada yada 
Anyway  sorry to ramble but Kasey helped brighten my perception of making it
Her husband lost his job that they moved their family to Chicago for
(family  of 3) mind you
they decided to sell/rent house pack up and move to Kauai
and rent a little place and just simplify everything  
Her husband waits tables, bar-tends and she works part time at a clothing store
So I know your asking what does this have to do with us
well we didn't move to paradise but have moved to our paradise I guess you 
could say, but in all of this she gave me a glimpse of hope
that things will turn around for us
we will make it
everyone hits a hard spot

well thanks for listening to my rambling

And for some cute pictures that have nothing to do with this post :)

caught ya my little explorer 
whew... this boy 

A-ha look what I found 

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