Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Silhouette DIY Project

Hey there, Wanted to finally show you some more
photos of my Silhouette project of our Littles

I started out with taking a profile shot of each kiddo
(crazy hard to get a good one of the little guy, he doesn't sit still long)
I printed my photos out and traced them on to black paper
I have seen this done my just painting the photo themselves black
I decided against it

Next was my frames I mentioned in my previous post
I bought them at a thrift store they were lavender and had
old home interior type photos in them. (Wish I had a Before pix)
They were perfect, it's hard to find to matching oval frames
But I took them out and spray painted the frames one of my favorite colors

Then I searched for a background paper to use
instead of white, and came across this eye popping
mustard yellowy~lime different but I think they work with my bedding in there

Anyway I used the cardboard backing of the oval frame 
as a template

I used a scrapbooking glue to adhere the silhouette to my oval cutouts

Pretty simple process and I am in love with the final process
Materials cost was about $8.50 
$7 for both frames
$ .50 Black paper 
$ .90 for yellowish paper

Not bad and not too time consuming

Found the perfect spot for them on both sides of the mirror

Maddie loves looking at her silhouette and says she wants 
a pink one for her room 
hmm another potential project in the making maybe

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