Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Place - Beach Gourmet

Shot of my favorite part of the house
~Tiki Bar & Hot tub~
 Backyard of the beach house

 Sunset on one side of the balcony Moon on the other.
 Beautiful Sight!!

Our boat.
 We brought for the guys to go Ocean Fishing
Our view of the Rodanthe Pier Rough surf compliments of Hurricane Igor

Another shot of the entire pool area.

Thought I'd share a few photos of the beach house and other stuff.
 We rented a house in the same development as last year.
Which is Hatteras Estates located right by the Rodanthe Pier.
I found this treasured group of rentals from a coworker whom makes a trip every year with her family. So glad she shared the details with me.
I would love to make this a every year family tradition.
The name of the beach house was the Beach Gourmet 6 bedroom house
Loved that the house had a yard this year.
The pool set up was awesome. Even had a kiddie pool for the babies
Lots of room for the kids to play
and grown ups to play Corn hole & Ladder golf

Tons more photos to come. .
Blogger is being a pain and taking forever... so bear with me
Trying to get caught up before my wedding this weekend.
Which I am looking forward to, The weather looks like it's going to be
perfect. A little cool maybe in the evening but at least it won't be steaming
sweating hot.
to load photos.

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  1. blogger was being grumpy with me earlier too. you are killing me the gorgeous beach photos. so jealous but so glad you guys had a great time.


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