Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Drive By

This past weekend after church we decided to explore a little after a lunch at good ole McDonalds, You know we had to get some Minions
 the kids are crazy about Despicable Me #2
 we headed to the Ft. Fisher Aquarium and Rode by the Ft. Fisher state park and checked out the ferry dock, Beautiful day for a beach drive

Pretty Much every time we've been by the state park its been closed
It's on our summer list so I am hoping to check it out soon

I am in love with all of the Live Oak, hmm potent photo shoot location

Dreams of riding our bikes on the boardwalk in Carolina Beach
guess that will have to wait a couple years
Our new bike ride hates riding her bike anymore
Throws a fit saying her legs hurt after 2min of riding ugh...

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