Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Everybody Wampum Tonight

We made another trip to the beach last week
I love visiting the beach especially since it's so close
It's also getting easier taking both kids with me., last week 
however my Dad went with me so I had some time to pick up
3 million shells. My fave are the"Wampum" pieces as they call them
I love the deep purples 
I have started my own collection, 
and have half a giant antique ball jar full of them
I'd love to make something with them someday

I came across a great jewelry designer via instagram
Her business is called Mermaid by Hand Blog Shop
and I am in love with her rings, especially the wampum designs
She also has a great sterling silver wave bracelet ...eek
It's defiantly worth checking out her shop & blog 

Love the smooth feel of the shell, the colors and the patterns
it amazing what the sea does to things

The kids love dumping out our buckets and washing the pieces
and organizing them, loads of fun 


  1. Those are beautiful shells - id keep me in a jar too- love how they all kinda match each other-


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