Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Other kites that were there

Tom repairing our kite again

Sharing some photos from the Kite fest at Sailwinds Park in Cambridge
Beautiful day for the festival, however there wasn't much wind.
Maddie got a cool kite that she got to color, with sharpie markers ahh
Why did they have to do that...
We had a few problems with are kite falling apart.
We found a few little puffs of air, and Tom did manage to get it up in the air a couple times. Maddie had fun! and was wiped out when we got home.

Still playing catch up on my photos
Working on some ideas for our family photos. Think I might try to do them
myself this year with the tripod and remote.. hmm
That could be stressful fun!

Other news working on adding some treasures to my Etsy shop
And finishing up some Baby Shower gifts, Will have to share some pictures

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