Thursday, October 20, 2011


The man on the far right is my Grandfathers father

Some more family

Model Ship my Great grandfather made
I have heard about this model ship before, so nice to see it in person
Made is 1880 !!! How cool is that.
I would love to have this

Statement about the model

Bigger picture of John Harrison the ship builder

My posts have been so few lately problems with my photo software..
Anyway I wanted to share a few photos from the Neavitt Chesapeake Charm Exhibit at the Historical Society here in Easton.
Sorry the photos are crappy I wasn't aloud to use my flash.
Neavitt is the lil town where my Dad grew up
I love it there, I love hearing all of the old stories he tells about growing up there. I will always remember them, and hope to tell my
kids about them one day.
Neavitt is home to the cutest little white church,
My Dad, Myself and Maddie have all been Christened there.
Hoping to get Dalton Christened soon too.

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