Friday, October 28, 2011


I kind of like the wardy ones

Some of our pumpkin choices

We hit up the Pumpkin Patch this past weekend
The weather was sunny but a little chilly, glad we did it then
and not this weekend. I just heard we are supposed to get SNOW!!
Crazy! I am not ready for that. Poor Baby D missed picking out the pumpkin
the bumpy patch put him to sleep.
We finished decorating our pumpkins this week, better late than never.
We painted some & carved our big one. I painted a silly face on mine.
Maddie painted hers and Dalton's multi colors..
She even painted her white one funny
I loved painting ours and wish I could have gotten more pumpkins
so we could paint them. Like Meg did, Did you see her post on
her pumpkins ? Check it out here.
Speaking of her I love her blog, I would love to meet her.
Wish I could go to her craft weekend., just don't think I could leave the
kiddies for a whole weekend. But am definatly putting that on my bucket

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