Thursday, October 13, 2011


My friend & co worker with her Mom & Dad
 She has Breast Cancer
which was in remission until recently has now moved into her Liver.
Her Mom is a Breast Cancer surviver

Our Cake & Wine Wheel

Pink & Purple hair extensions

Acupunturist (? spelling) for Cancer patients

Local Radio station
The host has mouth cancer

Son & Husband of our fellow Co worker that pasted away from
Colon Cancer

One of our Techs with his mom whom had Breast Cancer

 Group shot of me and my Co workers

Another long night, but I did manage to put a post together.
Here are some photos from our Cancer fundraiser at my work.
So many people have Cancer, it's heart breaking.
My Step Mom, Two of my Co workers, one of which pasted away last year from it.  You hear a lot of about cancer in our area.
Last year we made a donation to the Susan G. Koman Foundation
this years went to the American Cancer Society.

I started off the day wrong that day, My cake for the Cake wheel turned out awful, My boy was running a fever and my sitter texted me instead of calling me and I didn't get it until 45 minutes later.. grr..
The shirt I picked out from my work didn't fit me my second shirt of the day I spilled coffee on. And I don't even drink the stuff.
Anyway we had a nice day & for such a good cause.

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