Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Finally Beginning To Look A Lot Like

Yes! It is beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas 
around here now
I have been a bit stressed trying to finish the rest of my
pillowcase orders. Which I shipped the last 3 today
whew.. huge sigh of relief I feel like I can relax a little now
I don't think I will cut it so close next year 
Don't get me wrong I am extremely thankful for all of the business
this year, I wish I been more organized

These two love to camp out near the tree

I was excited to decorate our new house for Christmas
I only have a few things but it looks pretty merry to me
I also did a couple DIY Xmas decorations
Yarn Ball garland, and some Snow Globes

My yarn ball garland I made, wish I had made it longer

Have you seen these ? Check out this tutorial for them here
I am addicted to making them 
I had a few technical difficulties, like my snow was too big, my jar has a neck and I had to trim my trees to fit.... but I think they turned out ok
everyone is getting one for Christmas I mean everyone
my mail lady, new

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