Tuesday, December 18, 2012

To The Hobos

Loving this town so many new things to explore just right there
waiting for us, seems like there is always something going on

We headed to the Wilmington Railroad Museum to see their
train and light display and visit the big guy

I was in love with these lights so pretty
and this To the Hobos sign just spoke to me lol

This place was so neat, from the historic brick building
 to the train displays it was pretty awesome
wish I had gotten some pictures but I was lugging around
Big D so he could see the trains, 
lots of ooh and ahhs from him
His sister was too busy trying to find Santa to worry with the trains

Even thou this was his second time in a couple weeks he just
wasn't feeling this one
hmm maybe it was his hat ...

A little blurry shot but my little Polar Express junky loved this place
After leaving the museum we cruised thru town to see if we could catch
any cool Xmas lights, instead while stopped on front street at the light
who crosses in front of us but a huge white trolley being pulled by
two huge white horse with Santa at the reigns..
At what does Miss Maddie say "What the Heck Mommy"
how did he get here... eeek  he was just at the train museum
I was stunned and stumbled to say ahh he must have had the trolley
parked out back to check on his Reindeer 
whew.. I think shes going to be a tough one

Also my Jewelry frame was featured on one of my favorite blogs
check it out here 

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