Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Ole Blue House

Came across these photos in my files yesterday
Took these before I left town, this house and barn are one of my favorites
I love the uniqueness of the house's roof 
They sure don't build them like they used too
I am so glad that they decided to save this house and had it moved to this farm

It has been for sale for a long while and I believe was
under contract finally when I took these
The barn isn't as old and I believe was on the property originally
but still has some charm., Love those ivy covered silos

Isn't this house something.. 
I love imagining who might have lived in this house
before and what it would have looked like inside back then.

I have always had dreams of one day running a B&B 
Entertaining guests, decorating each room differently
Every time I pasted this house I could help but wish someone would
buy this and make it into a B&B 

Wish I could have gone inside or at least peeked in the windows..hee hee 

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