Monday, August 23, 2010

That's my bag baby

I couldn't stand it anymore I caved and bought the top item from my want list
a new camera bag. Got this turquoise beauty from Jo Totes
Used it at this past weekends wedding and it's awesome!
So roomy! and stylish..
And the price is so reasonable compared to my shootsac..Speaking of price
Tom gave me a hard time for this purchase even though I saved the money for it. And it only seems fair. He bought a boat and I bought a camera bag. (ha,ha) Quite a price difference right.

I couldn't wait to run right out and take some shots of my new bag
where did I go, the cleaners.. I have had my eyes on this turquoise door
for awhile. I think it would make a great backdrop for portraits..
I had to grab a few shots while I was there. 

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