Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Freezee Pops kind of day

Look at that blonde hair..

Good to the last drop

Last sunday was stanking HOT had BBQ with our friend and his little boy.
Who by the way is so shy and is terrified of Maddie.
I mean runs screaming when she trys to play with
They  She colored, played w/sidewalk chalk, and explored crazy lookin catapillars, while Rylan watched from afar..
They got freezee pops as a treat.
Maddie loved hers, sucked it down crazy fast.
All they needed was some of those Hugz drinks from back in my day.
You know the lil plastic drinks in a plastic container shaped like a barrel.
Do they still make those ? So healthy right..

Thanks Jen for you comment. I think I will add the leftover shirts back to Etsy.
I did also add two new items to my shop last night.

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  1. love your new header!! And yes I remember the "lil hugs" with the little foil top you peeled off - my favorite was grape and orange
    thanks for the memory flash back!


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