Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's my party..

Once again please excuse the horrible (rainy day lighting) and blurriness.. eek
Oh well, I was rushing..
Anyway check out Maddie's birthday dress !!! We totally switched from a Mermaid party to a Nemo party.
The child loves Nemo or Mo as she calls it. I have always loved the pillowcase dresses. And couldn't resist this one. I love polka dots anyway but the colors are so cute together don't you think. I got her a matching fish ribbon clip for her hair..
All of the party supplies are blue and orange. With some Nemo themed stuff thrown in.
I even got glass fish bowls to pull goldfish and swedish fish in. I am also attempting to make the cake.
We'll see if that changes as it gets closes. Hard to believe my baby will be 2 in May!! whew time flies.


  1. This is so adorable..., and the ribbons just super cute..., and good luck with the cake!! I'm attempting to make a special meal for my husband tonight -it's his birthday, and I keep my fingers crossed, haha!

  2. very cute!!love the ribbons!would love to see the cake if you make it... you have great style!!

  3. Polka dots make the world go round.


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