Monday, March 29, 2010

Bayan Hippo

Check out this cute little pin, with a grape charm, and a cute bead. What a unique touch
Can I just say I am lovin the kangaroo pouch on the outside perfect for sunglasses & cellphone.

Check out my new spring bag., Sorry for the bad lighting eek.
(Well it really isn't new I bought it in January for a birthday present for myself.)
I had some paypal $ burning a hole in my pocket. ha,ha  I got it from Bayan Hippo on Etsy. I am always searching for the perfect bag. I am a purse addict! I have gotten much better. I love this bag. Fits my requirements, one strap, outside pocket. Bag has two inside big pockets, key clasp (for holding your car keys)  Hard to tell in the pictures but it's a pleasant dusty yellow (Lemonade it's called in her shop). 
Check out Bayan Hippo's shop on Etsy! Right now she's having 10% off

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  1. Thank you for stopping by and visiting me. Now I can follow you. Great photography and the bag! ~lulu


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