Friday, March 26, 2010

Junktique Finds

I had to have this sign, I love the color. bought this on our trip antiquing in PA
My latest find, locally and in my favorite color !!
bought this lil treasure at a consignment shop locally, makes a cute baby jade pot. Sits in my windowsill
bought this tea towel, made into a pillow. Coming up soon in my ETSY shop
bought this cool flour sack with the green pitcher above, just SOLD it in my etsy shop
Look at the bread shooting out of the chimney isn't that awesome.

Just put these in my shop, cute vintage pillow cases. Two different colors could be his & hers
bought this cute picture, getting ready to put in my shop
Okay saved the best for last, not the best picture but this is the find I was talking about yesterday.
I paid $25!! Can't wait to get started sanding it., hoping to paint it white or robins egg blue.
Any suggestions ? That flap folds down and is a writing desk., inside are all sorts of cubbies
and drawers, all of the skelton keys are included. I love the hardware too.
 Hubby thinks it's junk, but I have big

Hoping to hit some yard sales this weekend or the flea market. Sunday I am going to stop in and check this Mini Tradeshow put on by the Savvy Photographer. How awesome is this that they're going to be local.
I couldn't afford the workshop :( Maybe one day.  It's at the fancy smancy Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michaels.  But am going to check out the tradeshow. Can't wait to see Wild Sorbet's frame's. Hoping to check out the grounds to while I am there, I grew up in St. Michaels but never been to the Inn at Perry Cabin. It just wasn't for locals, made for tourists. Nothing wrong with that.
Did you know Wedding Crashers & Clara's Heart were filmed there ?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Ah, I have to remember that... towels make great pillows. Love it!!

  2. new have a wonderful blog...happy saterday!!


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