Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Grounds

Hallway to the Orchid house
Topiary Garden

One of the tree house. So cool !

Here are a few more, Hard to pick from the 300 pictures I took.
Plus I don't want to bore you with too many more.
Thought I'd include a couple of the grounds and a few others.
Check out that tree house, nothing in there just a cool little lookout point.
While the others were taking pictures, I had finished early and decide to people watch on the bench.
We an array of people coming thru this place.

Today is my hubby's birthday, 32 ! whoa we're getting old. ha,ha
Off to celebrate with lunch at our fave Mexician Restaurant.
We are having Grilled Tuna steak & Carrot Cake tonight !!

Made another Etsy sale Yay!!
Ordered Etsy Moo cards with a special promotion they're having you get 50 free cards.
You just pay the shipping. Pretty awesome!
I am working on my shop, need to figure out
packaging and a banner.


  1. Love the "hallway"..., and of course the tree house..., wish I could smell it all!!

  2. LOVE these photos
    Amazingly beautiful!
    I love the tree house. So quaint.


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