Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A day at the park

whoa! someone needs a hair cut!

After my trip to Longwood Gardens on saturday, we thought we'd rush out to enjoy the sunshine at the park with Maddie. I love Oxford park, it's quiet and quaint. I love the little town of Oxford, it reminds me of St. Michaels before it got crazy big. I also love the strand in Oxford., a little stretch of beach by the ferry. 
On another note., I am normally the one behind the camera, but Tom snapped a few of me pushing Maddie on the swings. And guess what, you'll never see them. I look pregnant!! eek  My belly is huge!
You ever look and the mirror and think you look okay ? and then see a picture of yourself and think OMG!!
What was I thinking.. And it's not just muffin top it's a flabbie belly. Yuck!!

Anyway enough about that., I have a junk find post coming up. So get ready. Full of my latest junk finds.
Last night I scored big., at least I think I did. I found a cool cabinet. Hard to explain it's like a secretary desk with glass doors and 3 drawers. It needs some tlc.. but I am hoping to paint it white or a robin's egg blue.
It's going to be a project but I'm up for the challenge.
I found it on my way to daycare, there is a house by my daycare  that always has stuff sitting out by the road for sale.  They have some unique stuff sometimes.

Off to get my hair cut on my lunch break today! whew it needs it!

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  1. Too cute. What a fun family day! I love the silhouettes....I've never been able to pull that off. Great photos.


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