Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dream Houses ~ Blog crushes

I adore this kitchen, I totally want white cabinets.
Love this built in and that hardware is great!
I love this floor, such a warm tone. And don't you just love that ledge with the cute plates on it
I love the color of the hutch too!
Okay where do I start, check out the lighting fixture, and that hutch Love the color!
I also love that huge window so much light! And how awesome is the wainscoting (spelling ?)

Wanted to share my crush on this charming farm house. I came across Teresa's blog Meadowbrook Farm  from another blog. And was hooked on her house. I couldn't take my eyes off of the page I kept looking and looking checking out every detail. I love it, I could move right in. We have alot of the same interests:
McCoy pottery, quilts, Vintage tablecloths, and she takes great photos! 
Not only does she have an awesome house, gardens, barns and so forth. She has a great story. She's living our dream. Her and her family purchased a farm with a old farm house and redid it.
Check out her blog for the before photos.
Tom and I have always dreamed of one day buying an old cottage or craftsmens house or even a  farm house and redoing it. We loved to simplify and slow down and remember whats important to us.
We'd  love to move to North Carolina one day, some of our favorite towns to name a few are Edenton, Beaufort (where my brother & sis in law live), Oriental, New Bern
I'll continue my dream houses tomorrow with some photos of my dream houses in NC

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  1. I love all the vintage details~ and the EAT sign in the kitchen!



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