Monday, March 15, 2010

Moooo, Moooo

Meet my other new addition, My new business cards are here! Yay  Aren't they awesome.
They're from Moo cards, So easy to order and so many great layout options.
You can even get mini business cards. So cool!
I have 8 different photos displayed on mine. They turned out great! Can't wait to hand them out.
These are a great idea for business owns to display their products, I'd highly recommend them.

On another note I attended my Exposure & Basic workflow workshops this weekend. Learned alot.
Can't wait to try out what I learned and change up some things in my photo storage set up (housekeeping so to speak) I need to reorganize alot of things.


  1. Oh my gosh...your photography just has me in awe!

    I have a new Canon T1i that I have NO IDEA how to use. I am trying to figure out all those buttons and menus, but I am totally lost. I admit it. I need a class or something. Right now, I am longing for my point and shoot. Sad, I know.

    By the way, did you know you can pre-order tickets to Kenny's new movine coming out next month! I just didn't want you to miss it! ;o)


  2. Gorgeous header, Christy! No flowers here yet..., just lots of rain.


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