Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vote for me, Vote of me

Pretty Please
Vote for my goofy picture of baby Maddie.
What a great mom posting a picture of her baby with a block shoved in her mouth.
No she didn't choke & No I didn't shove it in her
We were on our way to daycare and I heard ummm ummm ummm
car seat mirror tilted down as usual. Opened the door to get her out at daycare and
this is what I found. So instead of rushing to get the block out of her mouth.
I grabbed my point and shoot out of purse.. Nice I know...
I think my favorite thing about this picture is her eyes that expression.
Like she says dang mom could you help me out here or what!!!
I saw this contest on Joy's Hope and she won how awesome is that. I have to try it!

If my picture makes you smile
Please vote for it here 
Help me win an Ipad!!


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