Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blooms & Babbles

Alot of blooming flowers at our place this week.
So excited to see my daisies coming up.
Maddie loves to help me water the flowers (or should I say water the mulch) 
But most of the time she's too busy playing in the birdbath.

Busy putting together a photo book for the 80th b-day (cowboy) party I shot a couple weeks ago.
Did manage to clean up my sewing desk, and organize some stuff.3
Other than that it's been way too hot to do much outside

Heading out and about this weekend with my hubby & my parents.
We are exploring the Eastern Shore of VA
We always travel thru the Eastern Shore of VA to cross the Bay Bridge Tunnel
to make way to see my brother in NC. But we never get much time to explore.
So for Christmas I gave my parents a letter with a brochure explaining that
we would take them on a day exploring with lunch & stuff.
Sounds weird I know but I thought they would enjoy it.
Especially my Dad  who's a fellow junk/antique/yard saleing hunter.
The Eastern Shore of VA is full of tons of old railroad towns,
 abandoned buildings, flea markets/antique stores, vineyards
plus whatever else we can find/get into.
Most excited to explore Onancock , Cape Charles and Exmore

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