Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little Pre-k Grad

This cutie is my 5yr old niece
Who is graduating from Pre-K on thursday

Taylor & Her Step Mom

She's going to make a great Big Sis!

Baby Ascher is due July 8th. Got the feeling he may be coming a little sooner

So cute, Maddie had a ball playing with Taylor

Took these last night, She missed her school graduation photos
so I was lucky enough to do them for her dad. I think they turned out good.
She's such a cutie! And Maddie loves playing with  her.

Tonight we are off to the Circus should be interesting.
It's a little fly by night free circus., And it's across the street from our house.
We love right outside of town, across the street is a little 4-H Park.
Which has Flea markets, Fairs, Circus, Weddings, etc..
Seems like there is always something going on.
Sometimes good, sometimes bad


  1. What a cutie! Congrats to your little niece. Hope you all enjoyed the circus!

  2. What precious pictures of her touching and kissing the baby!

  3. the kissing the belly shot is the best!!!!


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