Monday, October 7, 2013

Family Of Feathers

~My before shot ~

Hello Monday!
Back after enjoying a lovely warm weekend
Had a boat n beach day, some mega yard sale-ing
and enjoyed some family time

Back today and wanted to share a Painting project I finished a couple weeks ago, I have been pretty good about decorating and repurposing things to make
our house a home with what lil budget we have which is nothing sometimes
Bought this painting for .50 cents and used paint I already had

I am so bad about before photos, but this was an ugly painting
I painted over with a nice shade of purple and left the frame the gold tone it was. Both are two elements out of my comfort zone., not a big purple or gold fan. But I am loving the two together I have to say.

I love feathers I have a small collection going 
so I got thinking how cool would it be to do a lil family feathers
to represent our lil family
Weird probably, but I liked the idea

I pinned everything feather on Pinterest for some inspiration and went to town
by no means am I a painter but I think it turned out pretty good 

I tried to give each feather some detail 
I had to incorporate some of my favorite color into my mommy feather

Daddy, Mommy, Sister and brother feather  awh....

Now if I could just decide on a place to hang it ugh... running out of wall space 


  1. Love this! It turned out great, and I really love that you just painted over an old painting. Smart!

    1. Thanks Alexis, I think it turned out pretty good for an experiment

  2. Oh wow...this is an absolutely stunning piece! Such a great DIY project. I'm so impressed! This would be great to link to Create It Thursday #23…it's live now! Hope to see you there!


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