Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Total Loser

Okay so I am a Total Loser.... yeah yeah I just figured this out today

 I have been bummed out recently..
 going thru a whole why am I blogging phase ?
 What am I doing wrong ? 
Should I keep my store open ? 
Is anyone listening ? 
Am I boring ? 
So many things running thru my mind eep...

Then I thought well I am doing this for myself, no one else
my blog has become my journal a way of sharing the up and downs
the adventures and lots of boring stuff lol...

Today I log on start looking at some posts I have lined up
when what do I see on the side of my screen lots of numbers
numbers = comments....
Apparently my email was not hooked up to my comment notification thingy
ugh...major fail
I haven't responded to a single comment
How could I let this happen 
So bummed I have missed out on a lot 
I almost cried

So I want to say thanks!! Major thanks for those turning in 
And if you have ever commented thanks again!!
Sorry they have been unanswered 
I do care, I really do

A few pix of these bed crashers today, they love reading books
Check out some of those


  1. I read in Montana!!!

  2. Ive felt the same way numerous times and I jus remind myself this is only for me - so I can remember all the stuff I want to - and so clients can figure out who I really a a bit more - I try to turn each blogging year into a blurb book - and when you go through the book you will be really glad you stuck with it!!!!


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