Thursday, August 29, 2013


Remember when I mentioned I was working on something new for the shop
well guess what this is it...
Welcome Sew Vintage Jewelry
Vintage Style Jewelry designs

Nothing crazy just a few pieces I created 

Lots of ideas running, but only 2 designs to share right now
Owls & Mermaids in a cameo design well I am in love

The Owl Cameo's are on a bronze metal chain available in 16 or 18 in lengths
The off white owl is set on a flat black cameo
*thinking about adding a charm on them, like maybe a vintage bead ??
 What do you think ?

The Mermaid Cameo is also on a bronze metal chain, available in the same lengths and with or with out the clam shell w/pearl charm
The Mermaid cameo is on a tealish blue set., reminds me of the sea
In love with this design

Would love to hear your feedback on these ?
kind of nervous, but am jumping right in

These will be available tomorrow I have 3 of each right now
If you would like to preorder email me at
$17 16in
$18 18 in 

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  1. So very pretty - and unique!! Good luck - I love the owl -


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