Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I Love Spanish Moss And I Can Not Lie

Sharing a few hundred photos from our little adventure yesterday
We knocked a to do off of our Local NC bucket list
and that was Airlie Gardens in Wilmington
I have seen a lot of photos of the place online an thought we would check it out
And I am so glad we did

I would highly recommend making this a stop if you are ever in town
full of history, full of nature, and fun for the kids

We started off with our map of the grounds, We stuck to the sidewalk paths due to the stroller, hoping to explore more next time..
Miss Maddie even had her own map for a scavenger hunt,
 how cool right, She was so excited
She had to find a list of crazy frog sculptures to find and at the end she got a little prize, When that time came she asked for a prize for her brother too cause he helped, She's such a good little girl 

Well sit back and take a peek at our little adventure 

There were a few hundred of these guys flying around 

Yes I do love spanish moss 
I get all excited when I find some

This Oak dates back to 1545 !!! 
How neat is that 

Another peek of the great oak

Stroller bound, don't worry he got out and explored the chapel
 & the butterfly hut

This guy, wow totally beautiful
it was like someone dropped him in this spot
right out of a movie, reminded me of The Notebook kind of

Speaking of movies, several were filmed here along with TV shows
including Dawson Creek & One Tree Hill

These are the best shots I could get with my lens :(
I will remember next time to be prepared 

Several of the posts or pillars I guess you would say line the road way
these were part of the original plantations driveway 

So wish the plantation was still standing

here is my little explorer 
headed to a secret garden

Another favorite stop was this awesome sculpture the Bottle Chapel
The time someone put into this is crazy

Would this be a great spot for a wedding ceremony

A view from the inside of the butterfly wing

Rows and rows of awesome colored bottles 

There's trouble 

In love with the way the sun makes the bottles light up

There the butterfly 

Next up was the Butterfly gazebo, filled with tons of butterflies 
Pretty neat

whew... bet you are tired at looking at all of these

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