Thursday, August 8, 2013

DIY Framed Keepsake

Happy Thursday almost weekend time
Thought I'd pop in with a little DIY for ya today
before we head out, off to the library for Hermit Crab Event and then Beach afternoon with Daddy yippee!!

Anyways I have been wanting to try this project for awhile
to many ideas running thru my head thou to get it started
I have seen lots of variations of this idea

Started with this chunky frame (Dad) found at a yard sale, 
  I went with a bright pink for contrast since her bed is a light aqua
Ended up painting the cardboard a aqua color for more color

It was a tough decision to frame her first suit or favorite dress
both I love, but the suit just looked lost to me
so I went with her dress, love that dress 
I think now after looking at the photos she might need another one for her room for that suit 

Close up of the sweet dress 

And here it is in the frame, Super easy 
kind of wishing I could have incorporated in same the matching bloomers

Here it is above her bed

Her room is slowly coming together, sometimes I feel like it's a modge podge of vintage and has no directions
but the question is does it need direction ?? 

One of favorite things in her room are these blocks
the hours Tom and I spent in the creepy basement of an antique store
in PA, This was one of our first outings without her when she was little

A little hoop wall art in the making 


  1. this is adorable and creative! what a lovely little space you have created :)

  2. Obsessed with this idea, what a great idea!!

  3. Love it! I did something similar, of course, my youngest is now 22! But I took a baby outfit from all 4 of my kids and displayed them in my laundry room. Every time you see yours it will bring a smile to your face, I know mine does ;)

  4. I Adore Matties' room and Your framed pretties! Is that her hair bows in the frame by the dresser with the yarn poms?

    Smiles, Cyndi
    ecs cottage party


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