Wednesday, June 26, 2013

MIA Again

So sorry I have been MIA for awhile
lots going on and all over here... 
Haven't felt like the blogging so unlike me :/

So while I get my blogging groove back I thought I'd share some
new shop stuff I know boring right... hope not 

Check out my shop link in my sidebar, Lots of cool new stuff
Thanks for looking 

Latest Awesome find 3 Cute Crocheted Doll Dress Pot Holders ?
I was told these were pot holders., ho would use these eek.. they are way too cute right. I think they would be better suited as a cute garland for a girls room
or clip them on a little clothesline to make an adorable window valence

Or even frame them in a shadow box

Lots of ideas, They come with these cute hats below also 

Always a sucker for Milk Glass, isn't this piece the coolest
I love the texture of the design
Would make a great succulent planter

Great Hobnail Milk Glass Vase, I use some of these to hold paintbrushes and pens on my desk., but there are lots of uses for these bad boys 

Cool Retro Pheasant hunter glass
Perfect for Dads Sweet Tea

Grandma's Hoops 
Repurposed quilt squares 
Great set for the start of your collection

Super sweet Vintage Apron
Love the Ruffles
Must add advisory 
I am short and fat so apron could sit differently on a normal tall person ha,ha 

This is another photo of one I already have listed in my shop
It's also vintage, but I repurposed with a cheery rainbow 

Vintage Teal Straw Clutch

This is a favorite of mine, I almost kept it :)
I love the color and it's in great shape
Perfect for Summertime

How great is this Vintage Shell Ring
Such a cool design, Perfect addition to your summer wardrobe

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