Thursday, May 23, 2013

Smoothie Stealer

Greetings Just a little random post today

Hope everyone is getting ready for a great Memorial Day Weekend
I am looking forward to it, no real plans 
Just excited to spend some time with my Dad as 
he will be coming into town for the weekend.
Hoping to celebrate his past birthday & pre fathers day with him

What have we been up to lately you ask well
We've been spending our time playing outside enjoying the warm temps
playing with neighbors and checking on our tadpoles we transplanted into our ditch from another ditch in the neighborhood
We like to hit up the local farmers market on wednesdays
and visit the library once a week
We have a good little routine going

Look at this Mug Shot
Wanted: Smoothie Stealer lol
He loves a Strawberry Banana Smoothie or any smoothie for that matter
He hears the blender start up and he takes off running for it
jumping up & down till he gets some

Don't leave yours on a table within reaching distance cause it will be gone

How could you ever get mad at this little guy
He may be ornery but he sure is cute

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