Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sea Glass Obsession

Hey there, so excited to share this post with you
One of my greatest treasures is my Sea Glass Collection
I am Obsessed with it., You know it's one of the things 
I'd probably grab in a fire lol

Most of my collection is from a sweet spot in Maryland
I have a few pieces from here in NC & a few treasures from a yard sale 

Well anyway I decided instead of keeping it all in the jar
I would look into finding a better way to enjoy it
I came across this clear fillable locket and an idea was born
Looks like a retro pocket watch, I picked thru my pieces and pulled out a few favorites and wa-la a cool jewelry piece was born

These make great pieces to hold other stuff too like shark teeth, shells,etc

I am going to be offering a few for sale in shop soon
Yes believe it or not I am a sharing a few pieces

2 of my favorite Sea Glass Reads 

Here's a few photos of one of my favorite beaches near my home town
I have found some great Sea Glass here , often a hit or miss thou

Old Ferry Dock = lots of treasures 

2 lavender pieces 

Love these, great textures 

X Marks the spot 

One of my favorites, this gem stuck out on the beach 

If you would like your own locket to fill with your own treasures or would like one I have made up with some of my finds email me at for more details
hoping to share a few pieces that I will have for sale soon

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