Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Roadside Relics

You know me always a sucker for a abandoned house
Thankfully I had my big camera with me

I love exploring, love old homes, barns, factories etc.
Know any great places, towns etc worth checking out in NC, Let me know 

My husband and I used to take rides on sunday afternoons just to check out new towns, places, roads where we've never been down

These were taken on our way to Southport, 
looks like it might have been an old plantation grounds

I think this one is my favorite above, love the little side porch
And check out the outhouse

I love imagining who might have lived here, what it looked like in it's day
And of course what happened to its owners 

Just remember that building or place you always want to stop and get a picture of well do it, live in the moment, keep your camera with you at all times
One day it may not be there 

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