Monday, April 8, 2013

Better Late Than Never Right ?

Crazy late posting these Easter pictures
but wanted to share a few 
We had a great Easter, full of egg dying, egg hunting, Easter Basket Goodies
And spending time together
It was nice to have Mom Mom close to join in on the Easter Egg Hunt

The kids had a ball the Kiwanis Park by our house had a huge
Egg hunt, Dalton was crazy excited and Daddy had to hold onto cause
he was kicking and screaming to get down and into the eggs

Unfortunately they did the hunts all at the same time, we tried to each go with a kid and then change half way thru., worked out okay.

Poor Dalton was trying to dump his basket into another kids, and
was stomping on the eggs to crack them

Dying our eggs while wearing a bathing suit

Opening their baskets, Love Daltons reaction 

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