Thursday, January 24, 2013

Another Glimpse

Thought I'd share another glimpse of our new house
work in progress, constant work of progress
This is the little hallway that you travel down to get to our
guest/kid bathroom, and the kids bedrooms

I started out by framing a Katie Daisey Print
that was one of my favorites, sorry for the bad reflection
Here's what it looks like in real life
Nice reminder for my kids.. when they grow up and understand what it means

Source Katie Daisy's Etsy shop  The Wheatfield

This one is on my want list ~ much love for NC

And this beauty would be perfect for my office room 

Anyway enough window shopping or we'd be here all day
This lil happy Nemo guy has found it's way in the hallway
Maddie was big into Nemo and Dory when she was
little now she says she only wants  pink fish in her room. Oh my
 We found this awesome guy thru my brother he has one 
and we fell in love with it
Nemo is made from a broken surf board
Craig a Beaufort Local makes these crazy guys
by repurposing old broken surf boards
I have a couple including a Seahorse, Dory, and a little blue fish, a mug of Beer
Wish I could create a school of these guys..
maybe one day
Check out his website here
He's extremely talented
I have my heart set on one of his campers

Another part of my hallway is designated to making
a new family photo wall (bad photo, sorry lighting sucked)
So far of have these guys up
photos of my dad as a baby and young boy
Photo of my grandmother swimming (that one is my fave)
I used to get a kick out of that picture, amazed me when I was little
that she was once little like me 
and other photos of my great grandmother
More too come 

This is the guest/kids bath
still a work in progress need storage ideas for toothbrushes & stuff
Love my lil sign I made 

This is the window above the shower in there
I love the element of natural light

And this ole guy is our toothbrushin & handwashin helper
saved him from my dad's garage a long time ago
I love the chippy paint ~ my dad hated it, thinks it looks awful lol
it had like tissue paper on top of it 
Just recently gave her a sanding job and she looks much better
p.s. I love sanding, look out 


  1. Your house looks so cute! I love when parents add something fun like that fish for their kids' enjoyment, they live there too!

  2. I love her art. That little hall table is super cute!


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