Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Girl

Thinking about my girl today how much she's changed over the past two months., she's still my perky spunky monkey. You never know what is going to come out of her mouth never. 

Before we left home for NC her and I got to spend a week alone just her and I
By alone I mean I was done working and she was done daycare. So every morning we packed up and took the lil guy to daycare and headed out to run errands, hit the park, hit the beach for sea glass hunting. You name it we did it that week. 

Moving has been a big adjustment for her
And so far she's done great
I know she misses her friends at preschool
She's on 2 waiting lists here, We have met some kids
down the street and at the park & at sunday school

The whole stay at home mom think is harder than it looks
Trying to get moving stuff done, normal household things
and keeping them entertained is enough
But I feel like I am not devoting enough time for both or for each individually
or doing preschool like learning activities with Maddie

thanks for listening :)
don't you love her socks I let her do her own thing 

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