Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween in the south

My attempt at a posed costume shot.. 
I'll take what I can get
Even thou it was a bit chilly here we still had a great time
My neighbor down the street told us most people trick or treated 
at the big park near our house rather than the neighborhood
So decided to check it out, they had lots of games, candy, costume contest
And bouncy houses (which our neighbor runs) I'll have to tell you about that later. It's kind of like living next to the circus for Maddie & Dalton
After trick or treating we end up going to a few houses in the neighborhood
that were decorated
Maddie's pumpkin was filled to the brim
Dalton had more fun trying to steal the bowl and trying to pick out his
own candy and examining it and then putting it back in the bowl and pulling out another. Lots of oohs and ahhs coming from that lil guy

Caught an ooh moment from Pirate boy

Our poor pumpkin on the left has about had it
thanks to all the rain from hurricane Sandy

The colorful Brave with her pumpking socks and Elton John Glasses

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