Friday, May 27, 2011

Few Projects

Finished up a few projects this week... whew that felt good to get those done.
A Big Sis shirt for Maddie
Owl onesie for Baby Brother
A tractor t shirt for a friend

My assistant
She loves helping sew & wants me to take a picture
of her and anything & everything she can find.
Here she's showing off a little jacket of which I
added an inital applique for a friend's
baby shower.

Also made this little ladybug onesie for the shower.
Got a cute lil lady bug sun bonnet too match
Thinking I need to add some antennas to the ladybug.
Not sure if I think it without any

Finished Maddie's big sister shirt for her to
where to the hospital to meet her new brother.
Also got her some big sister coloring pages
a card with a big sis medal sticker.
Anyone have any ideas or thoughts about introducing her to her little brother ?

One more shot of my little helper

Hope everyone has a great Holiday weekend!
My bro and family are headed up so excited to see them.
Going to be a hot one I think, my kankles are already screamin!! eek

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