Monday, April 11, 2011

Owl Painting

Happy Monday!
Look what I got in the mail
Can't wait to hang it in the baby's room.
Lindsay is an awesome painter I asked her to make a custom painting for the nursery. Just told her I wanted an owl outline and with colors I wanted.
And look what she came up with. She's so creative. I love her pieces!
Super excited! It's perfect
Check out her shop here & her blog here
I want to get one of her clickin cuties next to put above my computer desk.


  1. its perfect Christy -
    ugh I just realized how many awesome creative items are on etsy -
    seriously - you can get so lost on there -
    I love having unique items in my home though - don't you?
    I am opening up my etsy shop this week to see if any prints sell -
    if not no big loss-
    can't wait to see this nursery finished!!!!!
    Oh yes -
    I just gave a friend a baby shower this weekend and thought of you -


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