Friday, April 16, 2010

Yellow Mellow

This quilt is awesome!
Want this strap

Wouldn't this look cute on my sewing desk

Love this toolbox., I'd put my craft stuff in there
Crushin on this fabric - thinking about making some pillows for my bedroom out of this fabric
wouldn't this be a cool wall display
Cutest bread box

Sharing some of my Etsy favorite things.
I am all about some yellow these days., especially yellow & gray or yellow & turquoise color combinations
Yellow makes me think happy thoughts. I have decided to change my bedroom wall color to yellow instead of a coffee color. I've picked a soft yellow not a bright yellow. If that makes sense. I think it'll go good with my Pop garden covered blinds and my Robins Egg blue bedspread. So stay tuned for a bedroom update. Apparently we have alot of drywall cracks to fix first.
Yuck! that's not going to be fun. And I am impatient so we'll see how it goes.
Going to share some house photos next week. 
Lots to do this weekend., couple yardsales to hit, stuff to pick up for our trip, work to do in my Etsy shop.

Also I have decided to have a Swap party !! Working on organizing that. I think it'll be fun!
Have a good weekend!!


  1. please post how your swap party goes -
    i might try one -
    good luck at yard sales this weekend

  2. Loving the yellow too... Did you enjoy the book--The Last Song? (I did!) The swap party sounds like fun...hope it's a fun, big success. Happy weekend! :0)

  3. The bread box is awesome! Of course I'd have to have it with a nautical design. LOL.

  4. hi christy! i am in severna park, md- about 45 min from easton i think? i go to crumpton sometimes- you ever go there? i am heading there on weds the 28th. :)


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