Monday, April 19, 2010

Lots & Lots

Love the vintage button
Retro Apron for my shop
Cute little doile I need to put in my Etsy shop
ooh no my closet..
My bedroom floor, eek.. stuff that needs to be packed.
Stock left over from the craft show...
Latest yard sale find from this past weekend.  Hoping to clean & paint it. Color ?
Vintage feed sack turned into a laundry bag - headed into my Etsy shop

Lots of Random pictures today.
Things are crazy in my household. Packing & Planning for our trip to Beaufort for the Food & Wine Weekend on wednesday. You'll probably remember my post on it here.  I was given the opportunity to be the event photographer for the Food & Wine Weekend. Yay! I am so excited.
But I hate packing, You see the pictures above of what my bedroom looks like. eek.
Plus I worry about things too much like:  What to wear, What to bring & what not to bring.
Plus trying to remember everything!!
Hard thing to do especially when I have to pack the lil one's bag and most all of Tom's stuff.

 My brother & his family live in Beaufort and I can't wait to visit with them.
Especially my nephew I haven't seen him since christmas.
Curious to see what Maddie thinks of him now that he's moving around and making some noise.

 My wonderful sis in law is thank for trip! :) Luv ya Linds!
I am so thankful for this opportunity, I know it will be a great experience.
That I'll learn & grow from. And help build my portfolio you know.
I also hope to sneak in some time at the beach ? combing local antique & junk shops.

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  1. hope you find lots of cool antiques - love your new garage sale table too


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