Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Few Randoms from our trip

Check out this beauty!! I adore this house. It's perfect
And look at this cute side yard. White picket fence...

Meet Mason my adoreable Nephew
I couldn't keep my hands off of that head.
His hair is so cute!
What a cutie!

My dear brother

Tom & I with Mason

Daddy and Mason
This is a cool painting that was in the apartment where we stayed. Isn't that awesome.
The apartment was full of work from the same artist

This is the backyard where we stayed. I love the Live Oak!!

Trista's Studio in Beaufort. She wasn't in when we stopped by.
But she's a awesome potter. I love her work.
Check out her website here

Thought I'd post a couple random pictures before getting into the Wine Weekend stuff.
I have a ton of editing to do and a mess of organizing. I worked last night till I couldn't keep my eyes open.
I got a lot of great shots! Hoping to get everything edited by next week.
In between editing I did update my Etsy shop with a few things.
The apron, Doile and Laundry sack are added. Finally!
Now got to finish planning Maddie's party. I can't believe she'll be 2 next week!!
Oh my where has time gone..
Speaking of Maddie's party we got to meet & tour Craig's house/shop where he displays all of his work
I wanted almost everything in there. I wish I had taken some pictures.
We did decide to get him to make a Nemo and a Dory for Maddie for her birthday.
I can't wait to see them. I did buy a small blue fish for our bedroom.


  1. Love it all...especially the yellow house with the big porch and your ADORABLE nephew. You are just oh-so-talented....can't wait to see more. You deserve a nap..."working till you couldn't keep your eyes open" ? Yeah, I only do that if I'm cramming for a test/paper. Anyways, have a great day! ;o)

  2. Just getting started in photography, has give me a huge advantage over well established photographers. I don't have to buy expensive editing software, learn all the tricks, and waste time on my computer. I started shooting weddings because I love photography and I love people, so that's what I spend my time doing!
    Edit elf

  3. It looks like you've been having some serious fun! That yellow house couldn't be cuter, and your little nephew and his happy hair are adorable. I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off his head either!


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