Saturday, December 12, 2009

Photo tip ~ Present opening

I saw a post on one of my favorite blog's Ashley Ann Photography about a photo tip for Christmas Present opening. Thought I'd share. But click on the link above for her post. She is full of awesome ideas, and takes great photos. P.S. I love her house.

Start by picking one or two big presents you think they will be excited to open.

1. Start by taking a photo of the present unopened

2. Take photos of them opening the present from all angles, laying on the floor, standing up above them, just their hands unwrapping.

3. Take some of them playing with the gift.

She goes on to say step away from the camera and take part in the moment. Don't hide behind the camera all of the time. I am famous for that. I am definatly going to follow this rule this year. Santa is bringing Maddie a couple big gifts ! Can't wait to see her reaction.

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  1. Thanks for the tips... I definitely want to take good pics of my toddler opening her presents.


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