Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I love dragonflies but can never seem to get a picture of them. They're too quick.
Not the greatest shot in the world but I love the colors, and the keg.

Mixture of stuff he put together on another building.

I just liked this old kerosene can, the bright blue againist the color of the leaves.

This Dr. Pepper sign was off of an old building someone was tearing down.
In pretty good shape for as old as it is.

This is an old store (soda fountain) he had moved to his home & plans to redo and live in
Section in the back with a black & white tile floor where after the store closed they would go back there and dance. Pretty neat!

While we were visiting my brother & family, Mike took me to "the bottle guy's" house. Ooh I have heard alot about him & his stuff so I was curious to meet him & his treasures. Despite it being 300 degrees out we climbed in and around all of his buildings & finds. We didn't have much time as Miss Maddie was fussy and sweat was rolling off of all of us.. but I think I could have dug around in there all weekend. Mr. Bottle guy gave me an old wooden pepsi flat & some really old pepsi bottle caps. Yes I am a little bit of a pepsi collector. I'll have to post some more photos from this adventure later.

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