Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Beach Day

Our kite not bad for $2

Daddy & Pops jumping waves with Maddie

The house we stayed in was within walking distance to the beach. We also picked the perfect time of the year not alot of people and the weather was awesome. Maddie wasn't too sure about the sand at first and sat in her chair and held her feet up out of the sand like yuck what is this stuff. Eventally she caught on and from then on she was unstopable. Rolling, crawling, running around then she picked up the sand and putt it on and in everything. Towels, shoes, bags everything. She loved the water too. Squealed everytime a wave would crash around her feet. She's way too brave, once a wave would come in she would move further into the ocean.. A couple times she got up and ran towards the water.. Oh my!

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