Thursday, November 7, 2013

DIY Hankie Frame

Sharing a little DIY Hankie Project today
Seen an idea similar to this on Pinterest so I can only take partial credit for it.
I am a Hankie lover, kind of like the doilies I seem to pick them up all over
Always a sucker for a pile of vintage Hankies
So why not frame them…right

I gathered up some hankie and decided on which ones were my favorites 
and set them aside 

Way too many to choose from 

I picked up these black Album frames from Michaels craft store
for $9.99 a piece I timed it right they were buy one get one free
Yippee!! Plus I had a coupon 
So Major score 

I think they turned out pretty good I found that some were different sizes
and didn't fit well other worked perfect
I think it would be fun to use a small hankie with some scrapbook paper as a background, Lots of varieties on this project 

I am loving the way they turned out, thinking of adding a few more
in place of the Doily canvas, Don't worry I would find a better spot for it 
It's changed a lot since this picture I added a few more doilies it's filling up nicely



  1. Love those!! Look great - such a cool idea and boy do I miss Michaels!!

  2. Those are beautiful!! ~ Amanda / MT

  3. Love that grey with daisies! Always wonder what life was like back in the day when those hankies were actually used. So much cooler than a kleenex!

  4. A lovely new life for such pretty things.


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