Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Recovering & Catching Up

So I totally intended this post for yesterday but it just didn't happen
after a whirlwind-crazy weekend and a busy monday
I am on it now and ready for the week 

I have some cool photos and bits to share from this weekend's
(date night) but let's just say most of the weekend didn't go as planned
Saturday was date night disaster Sunday was church, boating n fun and then 
off to book club meeting with a neighbor friend jam packed I tell ya

I am excited for some custom orders I have going on
plus I am donating some stuff for some auction items both at our church and school., so I feel productive needless to say

*these photos of nothing to do with my ramble post but let me introduce you
to our new porch friend every day at the same time (bus drop off)
he hangs out in my Jade plant
Just catching some sun

Aren't his eyes the coolest bit of aqua blue 

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